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Change-makers, innovators, accelerators

AGSI is on a mission to accelerate the action towards Net Zero through decarbonizing its steel operations and bring the greenhouse gas emissions to zero.

AGSI will produce 5 million tons of steel by 2030 reducing CO2 emissions by more than 95% compared to traditional steelmaking. By using our state-of-the-art technology and sustainable processes our CO2 emissions are minimal, and we are on the path to reducing it further to net zero.

With our expansion plans, we will double the annual capacity and production and digitize, upgrade and automate the technology of our plants. This means we are always on the lookout for new, talented, and creative individuals.

Our people are the backbone of our organization. We instill aspiration, activation, and execution. As a result, we out-innovate and outgrow, accelerating the growth of the whole company. We call ourselves “innovative growers”.

We are always looking for talented, purpose-driven, and innovative people to join our growing and diverse team. Our people are offered an exciting career path where they can apply their skills and knowledge and get opportunities to expand and grow. Through the AGSI Career Pathway Program, employees have a clear roadmap to advance their career and acquire skills needed for their progression.

Our goal is to give them a platform to excel and grow.

In-steeling a culture of continuous growth, development and excellence

Our “In-Steel Leadership Program” is a transformative initiative designed to cultivate and elevate our leadership talent. It aims to build the leaders and empower our managers and leaders with the skills, capabilities and resilience needed to navigate the challenges of today and shape the success of tomorrow.

Empowering Women in Steel.
Creating Leaders in Industry.

AGSI Women in Steel (WiS) is a first in the UAE network focused on creating women leaders in Steel industry in GCC and beyond. Our mission is to empower all women to achieve their ambitions through building skills, network, and mentorship needed to develop and accelerate in their roles.
Monthly Meetings and Events
  • Monthly meetings focused on developing managerial and leadership skills.
  • Events with others in the industry with panel discussions and networking.
Skills Building and Mentorship
  • Coaching and mentorship for building leadership, professional and personal skills.
  • Every meeting will close with committing to One Action for change and development.
  • Access to leadership and management development resources.
Network Opportunities
  • Immerse yourself in a network of like-minded women, peers, friends, colleagues.
  • Promoting participation of male colleagues to advocate for women participation in the industry, and leadership roles.
  • A support group to guide you through your career and professional progression.


AGSI contributes to the Emiratization and partners in the UAE Industrialists Program which is an initiative under the National In-Country Value (ICV) to increase the availability of skilled jobs for UAE nationals. AGSI’s participation in the Industrialists Program reflect our commitment to the Emiratization under the ICV certification, contributing to the Circular Economy, UAE Sustainability Agenda, and UAE Centennial 2071.

Join us in the Green Steel Revolution

Qualified & Technical

We offer a diverse range of job opportunities for qualified professionals across various disciplines.

Fresh Graduates

We offer a diverse range of job opportunities for qualified professionals across various disciplines.


We partner with universities to offer internship programs to talented individuals so that we can contribute to their development and potentially identify future employees who are aligned with our values and goals. The program aims to attract new talent to consider careers in STEM related industries while having a hands-on experience for their professional development.