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Green Value Proposition

Sustainable steel production based on circular economy and recycling runs in AGSI’s DNA. Our profound expertise, recycling, use of only local raw material, Electric Induction Furnace Technology, highest operational standards, and use of 80% of renewable energy with further reduction plans, allow us to achieve the lowest carbon footprint for steel production in the Middle East validated by a third-party verification. Our carbon footprint emissions are just 0.2t of carbon / 1 tcs. And we are on the path to innovate our operations and bring the carbon emission to a Net-Zero.

Our services for more sustainable future

We offer a range of green steel products

We offer a range of green steel products, such as rebars and sections, to address the needs of our customers and provide a fully transparent carbon footprint to facilitate trust and transparency of the product quality.

We build sustainable buildings and cities

We want to empower our customers to produce sustainable products and build sustainable buildings and cities, thus making the world better place.

We provide full transparency

Through reporting the total product carbon footprint of individual products, our customers are fully aware and can assess and control their upstream emissions. Each product has an AGSI label identifying the origin of the product, including the heat used and when the billet was made.

We support sustainability plans

In addition, our AGSI ESG specialist can provide support and consulting services to further discuss our clients needs and their decarbonization goals, which can further their ambitions for net-zero.

Green Steel Certification

AGSI’s lowest in the Middle East carbon emissions we verified by a third-party independent verification auditor. The Green Steel Certification is a testament to our unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability and decarbonization.

AGSI’s unique operations based on unparalleled energy efficiency, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainable processes enabled us to achieve this remarkable result. Our groundbreaking approach to steelmaking underpinned by Net Zero Strategy is at the heart of this achievement.

Producing Sustainable Steel

Generally, there are two established methods of steel production:

• One is to use iron ore and coking coal to produce steel in blast furnaces.

• The other is to use steel scrap in electric furnaces. We at AGSI operate solely with induction electric furnace technology.

We source the key ingredient to our production locally and avoid shipments halfway across the globe, thereby significantly reducing CO2 emissions from our input materials. Our electric induction furnaces operate on mixed power with 80% from renewable sources*.

From Waste to value

While often underestimated, no material is as sustainable as steel. Even after repeated use, steel does not lose its high quality.

The Arabian Gulf Steel Industries produces steel solely from steel scrap, making us a relevant recycling player in the countries where we produce our steel. Taking sustainability seriously, we source our scrap as locally as possible, favor rail transport and pay close attention to precise scrap sorting.

The more our steel scrap is sorted, the more precisely we can use each single chip of scrap and the fewer primary alloys we need. It is this attention to detail that results in a smaller environmental footprint.

Our product portfolio