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A new era of Green Steel

To tackle climate change, we know that we need to speed up our effort to reduce carbon emissions, and drive towards net zero faster and stronger. Making steel production green plays a key role in both driving and enabling this systemic change. AGSI have taken accelerated steps towards a more sustainable future with its lowest GHG footprint for steel production in the Middle East.

Our products are made of 100% local, high quality recycled steel and 80% renewable sources of energy – resulting in steel produced with as low as 0.2 tonnes of carbon emissions per tonne of steel produced. And we are not stopping here. We are on the path to Net Zero. AGSI is the biggest high quality steel scrap recycler in the UAE. This means that we clean the country of waste and let it become part of our new steel instead. The green steel of the future. Produced with parts of our country’s past.

Net Zero is not only central to our business strategy - it is our strategy.

We are the epitome of Green Steel

We recognize rapidly increasing demand for low carbon emissions and sustainable materials. Our production is based on 100% high quality steel scrap collected from the local market. Our Net-Zero steel is produced solely with induction furnace technology, state-of-the-art technology, using renewable energy sources. Our production is based on a circularity model whereby we recycle and re-use of our byproducts – so nothing goes to waste.

The result is a product offering 95% less carbon emissions than the industry average. Thanks to our Induction Furnace-based production, we produce significantly less carbon emissions than traditional BF-BOF steel producers. We, therefore, consider ourselves green but continue to work towards more reduction of our emissions until we reach net zero.

Green Steel Certification

AGSI’s lowest in the Middle East carbon emissions we verified by a third-party independent verification auditor. The Green Steel Certification is a testament to our unwavering dedication to environmental sustainability and decarbonization.

AGSI’s unique operations based on unparalleled energy efficiency, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainable processes enabled us to achieve this remarkable result. Our groundbreaking approach to steelmaking underpinned by Net Zero Strategy is at the heart of this achievement.

Steel is responsible for more than 7 percent of global CO2 emissions. By bringing emissions down to net zero, we are enabling sustainable steelmaking – building a better and greener future for our planet.
produced by 2030
compared to traditional steelmaking
Migration to fully electric driven technology powered by clean energy
Technology & Innovation
Powered by Renewable Energy
Every ton of scrap used for steel production avoids the emission of 1.5 tons of CO2 and the consumption of 1.4 tons of iron ore, 740kg of coal and 120 kg of limestone, according to

Our Products

Producing green steel is what we do best to help shape a sustainable future for the UAE and beyond. Producing green steel is what we do best to help shape a sustainable future for the UAE and beyond.

In industries that rely on steel, finding greener alternatives and solutions is imperative to combating climate change. It is not a choice now. It is a necessity.

Our clients are buying AGSI green steel that is used to build sustainable cities, buildings, and products. In effect, these contribute to achieving decarbonization goals and Net Zero vision by 2050.

We are taking the next step towards a greener future.
AGSI brings us, as well as the entire construction industry, one step closer to climate neutrality by 2050.

Leading the way in the regional climate change

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In October 2023, AGSI has joined the UAE Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge, an initiative by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, which aims to drive the engagement of the private sector in advancing national decarbonization efforts to support the UAE Net Zero 2050 Strategic Initiative.

United Nations Global Compact

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Our corporate sustainability starts with our company’s value system and principle-based approach to doing business. This means that we operate in ways that meet fundamental responsibilities in human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. By joining the United Nations Global Compact, we have made an important and public step to transform our world through principled business.

Join us on our journey to pioneer next generation of recycled steel

We are a team of change-makers, innovators, out-of-the-box thinkers.

Sustainability values

The AGSI sustainability values are our principles that guide us in making decisions and taking actions that prioritize environment, social, and economic sustainability.


We uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making. We build around the principles of corporate culture, our sustainability targets and our Code of Conduct in which, our net zero CO2 carbon footprint.


The protection of the planet is at the core of our strategy. We care about the planet now and for the next generations. That’s why we strive for net-zero carbon footprint, recycling and reuse of our byproduct, and preventing pollution.


Our people are the backbone of our organization. We instill aspiration, activation, and execution. Our People sustainability takes a holistic approach to human capital practices, including diversity and inclusion, wellbeing, employee safety, and fair pay.


We adopt economic practices that prolong long-term stability of the company to bring value to present and future generations. We adopted business model that stives to balance the needs of our stakeholders and social and environmental responsibility.